Last day of the Conference. I’m going to do a wrap up post about my thoughts and advice on a SXSW First Timer, but today was a fantastic ending to the most inspirational trip of my life.

The interactive sessions finished yesterday  so today was a little indulgence before the long haul back to Auckland.

I met a Leigh and Peter for breakfast at this very authentic Mexican Diner for some very good Huevos Rancheros (Mexican Eggs) and then headed off to the Convention Centre to listen to the Music Keynote by Zane Lowe.

Again, the theme was very much about perseverance and passion and having a real clear goal of what you want to do, then have a laser approach to fulfilling that goal. My favourite statement from his speech was one that our network should really heed to:

“Collaborate. Don’t Dominate”

Some great anecdotes and interspersed with some great music but was slightly disappointed that he was reading off an auto cue. Just hope he’d written his speech!


After Zane we went straight into a session with DMC from Run DMC. What an amazing and again inspirational session.


He told his story of a young Catholic boy growing in New York and how he went from a shy comic loving introvert to one of the biggest hi-hop stars in the world. But for me the most fascinating bit was how this wasn’t really him, and being DMC actually made him incredibly depressed and unhappy and it wasn’t until he found therapy that he realized that he didn’t to get back to what made him happy as a kid, so he started writing comic books and focused on all the things that made him a happy kid. I think everyone can take something quite profound from this. The highlight of this talk was when DMC would just roll out rhymes. It was so cool!

My final session at SXSW was listening to iProspect’s global President Ruth Stubbs who was speaking about how Dentsu in SEA was helping female entrepreneurs become successful. Really fascinating and interesting stuff. I’ll share more when I get back.

And that’s all folks. After a little final wander around the town with Paul Pritchard, the only Kiwi left we caught a movie and started thinking about the 17 hour trip back to the land of the long white cloud…

Next blog entry will be my wrap up, but that’s going to take some time…







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