First stop this morning was for a brunch session at the You Tube corner. After a very needed cup of coffee I had a play with the new Google Daydream VR headset. WOW! After playing around with the Facebook VR I wasn’t really expecting much, but this was incredible. With a ting little touch remote you could move between videos easily. I had a play with an education app that was just mind blowing. Situated in the Natural History museum and focused on dinosaurs which come to life at a touch of a button. They looked so real, and so engaging I loved it.

There was also a short talk before I sat down with one of the US You Tube leads for a chat about how You Tube used properly can change lives, and push for social change. It was a facinating talk that centred aroun the work the Ad Council has done, that included these two videos that I urge you to watch…

And this one…

The main take out here was once again one of authenticity.

After a great chat with the VP of You Tube US which was fascinating and insightful especially about some of the new initiates coming to market over the next 12 months. That’s all I can say! Sorry 🙂

He also told me to go check out the Levis’ Outpost which included Google technology called Jacquard that was one of the coolest things I’ve seen for a long time. Briefly it is technology that actually weaves textiles with interactivity creating smart clothing. I could explain more but just watch the video below. I tried one on and it was so cool. You could literally double click your jacket and your music would start, or brush forward and the next track would start. On sale in a few weeks for US$350. I want one!

Two more sessions today. Both fascinating. The first was a really insightful look at influencer marketing. The key takeout here was as a brand you need to understand the difference between paying someone for their influence and paying someone for their craft. They suggest that brands need to reduce what they are spending in what they call “pay as you go influencers” and focus more on building long term relationships with celebrities and influencers that really are passionate about your brand. True influence is symbiotic – both parties need to transparent about their objectives and have a clear path to a trusted partnership. Here it is again: an authentic long term relationship.

The second took place after a rewarding lunch with Dentsu APAC Chief Digital Officer, Adam Good. The session was a quick but incredible look into the world of mixed reality, which is a term that I really like. Ultimately a combination of virtual and augmented reality that allows you to play or work in the physical and virtual worlds. The technologies at play here are just mind blowing:

  • Spatial Mapping
  • Holographic Overlay
  • Positional Sensing
  • Gesture Recognition

The best example of mixed reality right now is the Microsoft Hololens. Watch the video below!  Two words; wearable holograms!


The practical applications of this technology are just insane, more on this when I get back, and this really is the future. The guy talking who is a global expert in mixed reality reckons a holo-contact-lens is only five or so years away. Mad!

After this session met up with the rest of the Kiwi delegation for some beers on the terrace of the IBM house, then supported Shane and ASB at the Innovation awards, which were kinda weird but great fun. No gong for ASB but was so proud to see them up there!



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