Day 4. Getting into the rhythm of things now – understand the way this place works. Kind of. Maybe!

First session today was a talk from the Head of Research at Facebook IQ. Really interesting talk with lots of great insights but very fact heavy session so going to bullet point the main facts…

  • Facebook looks at audiences rather than demographics – in 2017 demographics are no longer relevant
    • For example 56% of parents (of all ages, social status, and geographical location) will have visited Facebook at least once by 7am. Parents actually start going online at 4am
  • 76% of adults say their mobile phone helps them have less inactive time
  • Conversions on mobile devices increase x2 when people are on the go
  • Perception of time is shorter on mobile – 33% shorter than desktop – time seems to go faster!
    • means you need to ensure speed is fast!
    • consumers scroll quicker on mobile than desktop
    • 40% of consumer leave a m-site if it takes longer than 3 secs to load
    • On travel sites people spend 75% less time making a booking on an m-site than on a desktop
  • mobile is all about shortcuts – making life easier
    • faster to purchase
    • faster to compare
  • consumers are 52% more likely to shop with a business they can message

After the Facebook talk I headed over to see Gareth Edward’s keynote speech. Gareth is most famous for directing the most recent Star Wars: Rogue One movie, but also directed Godzilla and one of my favourite films of all time; Monsters. His keynote was a real masterclass, with amazing anecdotes and one of the best sign off stories of all time. It’s an hour long but have a watch, I promise you’ll enjoy!


After Gareth Edwards, headed off to Best Buy with Kevin Malloy, to do some research for a number of clients – the amount of technology available is just so much better than in NZ! Bought an Amazon Echo for the office!

Then decided to go see some of the exhibitors. Firstly popped into the Capitol One House to see what they are doing with eno, their chatbot (one of the first banks in the world to do so). They are taking this very seriously and have even hired an ex-Pixar programmer to give Eno a real personality.


After Capital One spent some time at the You Tube house (more on this tomorrow) and then finally Panasonic House which was really weird! Lots of experimental technology like a laundry folding robot, a washing machine that uses air, a device that you can put any food into and it works out the calories, and a sleep app that works with your heating, lights, windows, etc to make your night better.

With it being 6pm decided to fit one more talk on which was the cast and writers of Veep which was really good fun – lots of anti-Trump chat!



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